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You Don’t have to Fail in Business

You Don’t have to Fail in Business

Some statistics suggest up-to 90% businesses in sub-Sahara Africa fail. You don’t have to form these statistics of failed business. What you don’t learn through coaching and mentorship, you’ll learn by experimentation. While experiments have their undeniable place, at times the approach may cost you time, money, relationships and other valuable resources.

It’s not enough to be hard-working. It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. It’s useless to measure speed if you’re headed in the wrong direction.

Asking for directions may save you time, energy and money. Asking for directions is not an indication of weakness but strength.

In the same economy, some succeed, most fail. In the same line of business, some succeed, most fail. We need to study the story behind the successful. Their business models. Their business approach. We don’t study them so as to copy them or become them but to analyze the common denominators as I did in my inspirational book, You Don’t Need a Job.

This is because success in business and in life is both an art and a science. An art because it involves creativity, ingenuity and innovativeness.

The art of business reveals the relationship between man and his environment. But business is also a science because it involves universal principles and procedures that can be learned by each of us.

And that’s why I coach and mentor on business modelling to share universal principles in the world of business. When I teach fellow Africans, I speak my own language. I understand our strengths and our struggles. I speak in our African context. I customize the illustrations. I lead by my own example.

I’m giving an offer of USD 50 (KES 5,000) till next week Friday the 6th April 2018 for my online course, Starting Business Without Money.

In this online program, I’ll teach you through videos and assess and certify you 100% online based on practical business skills acquired. You’ll interact with me and with other online students around the world.

You’ll learn at your own pace, time and convenience. The learning materials are indefinitely yours and will be a basis for long-term reference. For strategic reasons, the materials are not downloadable, they can only be accessed online.

You either pay the price for knowledge or pay the price for ignorance. Don’t start business from a point of ignorance. It has been said if you want to hide anything from Africa, put it in books. Let it not be said that of you.

Click this link and purchase and access the course…

Starting Business Without Money

I’ll host a follow-up seminar for those who’ll get certified on “Starting Business Without Money” online course and take them through an insightful program on: Growing from an SME to a Commercial Corporation.

For inquiries or more info, please contact our office…

+254719640790 / +254718315551 / +254722533053 / +254733640790

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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