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Student at Kenyatta University?

✨You are the job creator the world is waiting for. You don’t have to tarmac. You have what it takes to incubate an idea from inception to a full-blown enterprise dictating the direction our economy takes. You’re ripe to disrupt entire industries with your innovative business idea. I’ll show you how and introduce you to yourself.

✨Under the subject, Starting Business Without Money, I’ll tell you why businesses fail and teach you on generating and incubating an innovative business idea; developing a business mindset; business timing; business modelling; products differentiation; competitive advantage; team execution and business funding. The inspiring lecture is 100% FREE of charge. All I’ll need to see is your KU student’s ID card.

✨I started my own business immediately I graduated from JKUAT with my first degree in Mathematics. While I’ve lectured on part-time basis both in JKUAT and at the UoN graduate schools, I’ve never been a salaried employee.

✨I was the first to graduate in Kenya with a PhD in Project Management – acquired from the UoN and I chose a different path – to be a job creator. I’ve employed over 80 permanent employees and counting. You too can start a business without money.

✨You cannot learn practical business skills from someone who is not in business. One can only effectively teach what they consistently model. I model entrepreneurship. I’ve successfully mentored many in this field. I’ll share with you my own business journey to show you how to start a business without money.

✨Join me at KU Amphitheatre next week Tuesday the 20th Feb from 2pm to 4pm.


Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga.
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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