You don’t have to die

You don’t have to die to end your pain. Suicide is a permanent, irreversible choice to end a temporal problem. No emotions will last forever. No matter how you’re feeling right now, it won’t last a day. You can’t think logically when you are depressed. Depression is like waves. They rise and fall.

Share what you’re feeling with someone else. You were wired for relationships. You were never designed to solve all your problems alone. Never try to solve suicidal thoughts by yourself. Those who take their lives don’t want to die. Anyone can give up on this life. There’s a very thin line between life and death.

If someone living with you ever threatens to commit suicide, take it very seriously. Administer Emotional First Aid with a sense of urgency. Take the initiative to ask them what is going on. Assure them that you’ll do everything you can to help them go through their most difficult season. Listen to understand. Don’t argue or belittle their feelings because you don’t understand their feelings.

In U.S. in particular, one million people commit suicide every year. The number of people who take their lives is twice the number of murder victims. The most notorious suicide trap being the Golden Gate Bridge. Over 1,600 people have taken their lives at this suicide black spot. By the time they hit the sea 67meters below at 75m/h, their bones are shattered by impact.

I’ve visited this 2.7Km suspension bridge connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. There’s a team of Emotional First Aiders that now patrols the bridge to help those contemplating suicide. The collateral damage of suicide affect so many people. Try to look at people around you beyond the mask they are wearing and establish how they’re really feeling. Stand for those who may temporarily be too weak to stand for themselves.

Self-murder is serious. It is eternally serious. But in almost all cases, suicide is preceded by depression. I’d like to teach you the early warning signs of depression, the types of depressions as well as the causes and effects of depression. I’d like to show you how to identify and help potential suicidal victims before it’s too late. More importantly, I’d like to help you take care of your emotional health – anyone can give up.

On Friday the 2nd Nov from 6pm to 8pm at Lillian Towers, I’ll navigate through this delicate subject: Stress, Depression & Suicide.

With Love,
Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
0718315551 / 0722533053


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