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You Don’t Need A Job

Have you shaped your life around your job? Does your job dictate where you live...go for vacation…take your children to school…working hours? Is your job the number one cause of your stress?
With nothing much to show for your many years of toil? Have you empowered someone to take control of your life, your family and your destiny? Are you are in a job that gives you just enough to meet your bills, pay mortgage, car loan and school fees?
You would want to step out but you can’t? Bound by fear of likely fall in lifestyle, fear of failure, fear of venturing into the unknown? Bound by the comfort of a pay-check…bound by an employer neck and hand so strong to let you go? Trading who you are for who you could be? Afraid of yourself?
It’s time for prison break. You were never meant to be in a permanent job situation. You were designed to work. Not to be employed. You were designed for a unique assignment. Engineered for deployment.
I invite you to break loose from your job status and reveal yourself to a world eagerly waiting for your manifestation. Explore infinite possibilities inextricably aligned with your inherent gifts. Rise beyond the status of being fired and laid off to the glorious deployment into your mission.
You Don’t Need A Job!

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Paradigm Shift in Parenting

Parenting today is confronted by complex societal challenges and redefinition of traditional norms and values. At the same time, the interminably evolving technology fronts new opportunities for parents to positively prepare their children for an ever changing world. However, although life principles remain steadfast, fashions, tastes and preferences keep changing.
Parenting today therefore calls for a paradigm shift in our parental approaches. This book will help you re-examine your parental frame of reference to raise your children by understanding their needs, protecting them emotionally and leading them from the front. You will also learn how to effectively connect with your children, empathize and communicate with them as well as believe in your children while reinforcing sound character.



The Power of the Spoken Word

Can your word be banked? Can your word secure a bond? Can you exchange your life for your words? Born blind and deaf, Helen Keller once said, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will break my heart”.
The spoken word cannot be recalled; it’s like a sped arrow, once released, it must accomplish what it was intended for. Words have the power to create and the power to destroy. The best indicator of your thought system are the words you use on a day to day basis. Words are never neutral. Words will either bless or curse; build or destroy; encourage or discourage.
You can never perform in a manner that is inconsistent with your spoken word. “” will dramatically improve your self-talk, enhance positive words from your tongue with the consequence of positive influence within you and around you. As it was written in the ancient proverbs, life and death is in the power of the tongue and those that love it shall eat the fruits thereof.To buy this book online, click here: https://www.createspace.com/4827693


The formation of a county government in Kenya

Undoubtedly the most momentous and sublime event since our country’s declaration of independence was the promulgation of our new constitution on August the 27th 2010. Any objective observer of our country’s history appreciates the yearning by millions of Kenyans for equitable distribution of resources as they ushered in a new constitutional dispensation.
Kenyans envision greater inclusivity in running the affairs of this country in the light of devolved governance structures. This ideology is premised on the hope that the monopoly of the economy by the few at the expense of the majority will be exterminated. This hope pegs largely on the choice of our county leadership and empowering the electorate to rise to the occasion in determining their political, social and economic course.
The author draws key lessons from devolved government structures around the world to provoke critical thinking on what works from what is obsolete. Setting county structures right from the outset, prioritizing county issues, defining the county identity and succession planning will deliver the ancient promise of a country devoid of poverty, illiteracy and disease, he observes.



Ultimate Success

Designed specifically for high schoolers, “Ultimate Success” confronts the enemies of excellence, exposes mediocre attitudes and inspires the reader to stretch to their destiny.
The book challenges the reader to slay all forms of indiscipline, fear, past failures, procrastination, unhealthy comparisons, negative peer pressure, obsolete traditions and unwarranted negative opinions from other people. The book is informed by the conviction that there is a place called ‘best’ and each one of us should strive to reach that ‘best’ position and leave nothing to regret about each passed moment.