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Money is Not Holy

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✨Money is neither holy nor evil. It is what you use it for that determines how it is perceived. If you are ever broke, the odds are high your financial literacy is not serving your best interest. Perhaps you are overspending on luxuries while neglecting necessities. Or maybe you have the wrong attitude about wealth.

✨Pursuing money is playing the wrong game and can make you emotionally bankrupt. Many people desire to be wealthy. Getting rich is not a walk in the park. You have to give yourself over to something completely. You have to build something so valuable that people willingly trade their hard-earned money, and that requires blood, sweat and tears.

✨In his book, Mans’ Search for Meaning, the legendary neurologist and concentration camp survivor, Viktor Frankl argues that when you know the purpose of your suffering, you can endure virtually anything.

✨Don’t seek just to succeed at the highest level, but to enjoy the process of what you’re building.

✨If you embark on pursuing money, you’ll end up overworking for something you might never achieve. At some point, as you’re slogging away in the name of money, you will ask yourself, Is this all worth it? The answer will be no. Because the money isn’t guaranteed, but the pain of trying to get it is.

✨People have chased money from time immemorial. And like many things in life, people chase it without fully understanding what’s driving them.

✨Do you want to be rich because when you look at people with money, you are filled with admiration and envy? You can have money and still hate your life.

✨Despite how powerful money is, it can’t change the way you feel about yourself. That’s where most people go wrong. They want to be powerful; they want to be cool. They want to be admired, and most important, they want to admire themselves. But money can’t do anything to change the way you feel about yourself. Your insecurities will survive becoming wealthy. If you’re not proud of who you are, money won’t change that. If you don’t believe in yourself, money will fail you there, too.

✨That’s why we ought to pursue our purpose for living. That’s why I take folks through, 12 Hours of Transformation. If you missed a slot tomorrow, Saturday the 10th Feb, plan early not to miss the next seminar on discovering purpose scheduled for Sat, 13th Oct 2018.

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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