Love Never Fails

✨Don’t sign those divorce letters! Let’s have a Valentine Date. Don’t survive that marriage any longer when you can experience a blissful relationship – a never ending love. Let’s have a Valentine Conversation and take love beyond the Valentine Day.

✨Money fails. Jobs fail. Careers fail. Companies fail. Economies fail. Countries fail. At times, some friends fail us. For some, families fail us. But there is a love that never fails.

✨There’s a love beyond sight. A love that sickness, disability, joblessness or business failure is too weak to meddle. A love that even death is not strong enough to break. A love that conflicts cannot stand. A love that 3rd parties can never break. A love that money cannot shake. A love in a higher dimension.

✨I teach revolutionary ideas on life-skills that are solidly grounded on God’s eternal truths. Words that have transformed society, directed human life, shaped destinies and enlisted us to a common sense of purpose, mission and humanity.

✨You have but one Valentine Day in your calendar. There’s nothing magical about 14th Feb but we fondly make use of universal holidays to drive a greater, meaningful and significant course. Since this date comes but once in a year, take advantage and invest in your most meaningful relationship.

✨Once the marriage foundation is shaken, children suffer the absenteeism of one parent. Other stable marriages are often at risk from some lonely single parents. And perhaps worse, the next generation is likely to recur the cycles of marriage break-down as a result of lacking solid mentorship on the ideal family as envisioned by our Maker. But worst of all, the separating couples fail the Eden Experience.

✨Invest 6K as a couple inclusive of your dinner charges and let’s meet at The Node (Opp. Jacaranda Hotel, Westlands) from 6pm to 9pm on Wed 14th Feb for a Valentine Dinner Dance where I’ll speak revelatory knowledge on the subject, Love Never Fails.

✨If you’d like to build a career in public speaking, speak and win a Subaru Impreza, Holiday to Dubai, Holiday to Malindi, Samsung Note 8, Del Laptop and shopping vouchers for Mr. Price & Woolworths among other awards.

✨All you need is to register and upload a 5 to 7 minutes video clip on, “Positive Attitude.” No participation charges at all but you must be aged 13 to 35 years and hailing from East Africa. Click this link…

✨Registration now open till 28th Feb 2018.

+254 719 640790 / +254 718 315551 / +254 722 533053

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club

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