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Jan 2017 : Break the Cycles

Break Your Vicious Cycles – Command Your Life,
Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

Do you feel like you’ve been going round in circles? You try to make positive changes but you get stuck settling back into old habits. Past New Year resolutions haven’t worked for you. Same old habits strangle your progress. You sense you are mark timing. Back to where you began. You sense you are now in a dead end. You are overly tired with going round in circles and you now desire to command your life. You feel like you’ve gone a full circle and it’s time to break the vicious cycles.
There is nothing more frustrating than completing a journey and feeling unsatisfied; getting what you worked for all your life and it doesn’t fulfil. In this inspirational program, Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga examines a 5-step procedure to break your vicious cycles and 4 principles to command your life. These principles are tested and proven as well as practical and down to earth.
The prolific author, corporate trainer and conference speaker who has virtually trained in every continent takes the participant through developing a personal life vision, devising a clear plan of action and setting goals at the dream level. Pursuing dream goals is only possible if one challenges familiar goals and defies setting goals at the conventional level, argues Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga.

SIZE: 1.4 GB

PRICE: USD 5 (KES 500)

500 (KES)