Is your Hope on Money?

✨Never bank on what you can lose. Never put your security on what can be taken away from you. You can lose all your money overnight and if all your hope is pegged on money, life will lose meaning. No wonder people turn suicidal because of putting their trust on what can be taken away from them.

✨Your job can be taken away from you. Your position can be taken away from you. Your car can be taken away from you. Your house can be taken away from you. Your partner can be taken away from you. your valuables can be taken away from you.

✨But there’s something that you cannot lose because no man gave you. The very reason for your existence cannot be taken away from you; it can only be submitted. Your very identity cannot be lost, it can only be surrendered. Your human identity, dignity and purpose is not an achievement, it is a divine endowment.

✨Every human achievement can be taken away from you. The high position you hold in your office is an achievement and the moment you lose it, majority of people will never look for you again. Every property you hold is an achievement and can all be lost. But you can never lose your divine entitlement. Do you know what you’re entitled?

✨I give you a golden chance to connect with who you really are. I give you an opportunity to connect with your endowment. You don’t have to work for money anymore. Set your eye on a higher ground. Begin to find meaning in the work of your hands. In addition to true fulfillment in life, success will pursue you like a never-ending stream.

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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club

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