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Feb 2017 : How to have Affairs

How to Have Affairs
Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga

The Trap of Affairs?
✨An affair is simply a relationship. While there are different types of affairs, we will confine the operational usage of ‘affair’ throughout our discourse in our daily challenges for the next two weeks exclusively to imply extra marital affairs. Any sexual affair outside wedlock.
✨There are people who avoid sexual contacts. They deliberately keep it platonic. That level of intimacy and intensity makes it an emotional affair even if it is just an online affair.
✨Either way, one has checked out of marriage, it is still an extra marital affair. Any sexual move that you wouldn’t do in the presence of your spouse is an extra marital affair.
✨While people try to hide and play safe, eventually majority get caught. Only the fire of God can burn without destroying the bush. In past meetings, I’ve asked participants why people have affairs…Responses have been diverse and interesting ranging from…better packaging, better service delivery, taste of different models, thrill of the chase and such like drivel.
💡Have you checked out of your marriage emotionally? Online or literally?
💡What other drivels have you heard that lead people to extra marital affairs?

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