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Fearing for his Life?

Fearing for his Life?

He has been expelled from school. You’ve vehemently defended him in the past that he is not in drugs. With time, you’ve realized you’ve pegged your hope on a heaping wave. You don’t know his whereabouts since you bailed him out of jail and you’re now fearing for his life.

Something can be done. There’s still hope. There’s a sure way that can turn the gravest vile into a life-giving testimony. There’s a process that can transform his weakest point to become his area of strength. Yes, he can be an agent of transforming others struggling with the same addictions. But while this may not be achieved overnight, we can focus on the very first step: mastering his mind.

While she left you with a newborn to nurse, she still keeps her hair-brained peer-group. You’ve read about sex parties in campus rooms but you thought this couldn’t touch this godly girl that you raised up in Sunday school. But despite hefty university fees, she lags behind in credit hours and some of her diligent classmates graduated three years ago. Her future looks feeble in every angle and all your efforts seem wasted.

Don’t write her off yet. There’s something superior than any rehab lessons you’ve ever come across. Something can trigger her to change her ways. Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the absolute truth repeatedly. We can ignite the remaining puny sparks of hope by sowing seeds of a bright future in her conscious mind and drilling the need for responsible living in her subconscious mind. All change happens in the mind.

Has your husband given up on life? After he lost his job, he tried his hand in business unsuccessfully. Frustrated by life, he’s turned abusive and has retreated to TV and social media. Screen sedation has made him acquire vulgar language and robbed him his identity. There’s still hope. We can help him flex all his six mental faculties till he bounces back to who he truly is.

Has your wife turned wild? While she’s employed by a foreign mission, you have real doubts about all her foreign trips. She has not only turned cold on you but any attempt to question her movements turns explosive. While she’s become a loose cannon, her big salary is intimidating. She’s in the company of the mighty. You can tell your marriage is headed for the dogs. But it doesn’t have to. One word can take her back memory lane to your sweet heydays.

Is there a subordinate you’d like to help restore their lives? They suffer acute learned helplessness. They’ve become dependents and you know sooner than later, they’ll be shown the exit door. Learned helpless has led to street families and is an available bait for political manipulation in our electioneering cycles. Time has come we destroy dependency syndrome as a nation and help everyone become productive.

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Dr. KInyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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