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Even the gifted fail

Even the gifted experience failure

Commitment is tested during tough times. Don’t be detoured by any blunder you make along the way. To err is human, to forgive is divine. The first person you must forgive is yourself.

Don’t give up on marriage because the first one failed. Ideally it should have worked. But it didn’t. So rise up, pick up the broken pieces and build healthier relationships. Don’t condemn marriage in wholesale. Figure out the area you need to work on yourself so that you don’t spill bitterness in subsequent relationships. You’ll never get along with others until you learn to get along with yourself. Unless you identify the missing link, the passing of time won’t alter your outcomes.

Don’t give up on business because your first attempt was a miserable failure. Learn the lessons. Address the underlying issues. Seek coaching and mentorship. What you don’t learn through mentorship, you learn by experimentation. Mentorship may save you valuable time, money, relationships and other resources.

Don’t give up because you were not shortlisted in that interview. Perhaps you were the most qualified and deserving. But this world doesn’t always reward meritocracy. At the same time, however, pity parties are too costly and backward looking. Prepare for the next interview with certainty and absolute confidence. Let hope, faith and resilience break open doors of steel before you.

That you’ll be successful doesn’t bother me. What really bothers me is that you’re going to fail from time to time, no matter how gifted you are. People don’t expect the gifted to fail. They see the gifted as superhuman. You’re never given the opportunity to process in privacy. Your blunders and human errors will be widely publicized.
The gifted are the last ones to fall. You’re the carrier of the vision. Your relationship with your gift must be greater than any challenge to the gift. When you blunder, rise up. Don’t let your blunders define you. Don’t let your blunders stop you. For this thing called failure is not the falling down but the staying down.

Your gift will reveal your most fragile weaknesses. But each failure is less painful and leaves you stronger. Come out better, not bitter. Fail forward. Don’t allow your education and social status to stand between you and your gift. Don’t be defined by a fake image. It’s too costly to maintain.

‘What if they laugh at my performance?’ ‘So what?’ If you do it, you’ll be criticized, if you don’t, you’ll still be criticized, do it anyhow. It won’t come out perfect the first time. It will attract criticism. But you must start from somewhere. We all start from a place of imperfection and keep working on our gifts.

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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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