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Does Marriage Matter?

✨This question is very emotive especially when we touch on single ladies and single parents. I’ll restrict myself to bachelors with only one focus – they need not engage in premarital sex.

✨Testosterone is associated with aggression, competition and mate-seeking behaviours among males. Peter Gray and colleagues (2002) argued that men who were married had lower testosterone than men who were not married suggesting that marriage mattered. This ideally implied that single men were more aggressive in life including in hunting for girls.

✨Critics of this argument such as Terry Burnham and colleagues (2003) argue that the relatively settled behaviour among the married was a factor of pair-bonding instead of mate-seeking.

✨More recent studies such as Amie (2012) dispute the two schools of thought and suggest that there was no significant difference in testosterone between those who are married and those who are not. Combining all these findings suggest that at the level of the male hormone, marriage doesn’t matter.

✨What’s the implication of these findings to single men and sex?
No bachelor should test drive before marriage. No bachelor is at any sexual risk by waiting till he commits to a long-life marital relationship.

✨If you truly want a fulfilled marriage, honour yourself enough and refuse to enjoy the privileges of a husband without taking the responsibilities of a husband. Your bride will respect you for refusing to take the path of the commoner.

✨In plain language, abstinence presents no hormonal risk on your manhood.


✨Uri Goldbourt of Tel Aviv University’s Neufeld Cardiac Institute examined data collected from 10,000 men, all civil servants, beginning in 1965 and tracked for 34 years. The men were asked about their happiness levels and marital status. The study found single men had a 64 percent higher risk of dying from stroke than married men.

So what?

✨Men should ideally commit. Findings by Uri Goldbourt (1999) indicate that men who don’t commit are often involved in affairs and the multiple emotional attachments explain for their stroke levels being higher than those in committed relationships.

✨Scriptures teaches that when two people engage in sex, they become one flesh. Writing to the church at Corinth, the Apostle Paul warned that he who sleeps with a prostitute becomes one body with her – 1 Cor 6:16. You become a partaker of unfamiliar spirits by unifying with her in the flesh.

✨Biblically speaking, sex is not just physical but also spiritual.
Affairs are never innocent – they are spiritual bonds. Strong bonds.

✨Could you be among us and you are under sexual bondage? You are a perpetual cheater? You are no longer in control of yourself? Could you be coming from a family bound by the stronghold of sexual immorality? Could you be coming from a family where divorce is eminent? It has been your family trend for generations?

✨Do you desire a break from your undesired past? Do you desire to be freed from Satan’s merciless claws and heavy chains?

✨Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God – Romans 10:17.

✨Let’s look at this subject of affairs in its proper light tomorrow from 6pm to 8pm at KICC. Don’t leave a loved one behind. This could be the only chance they have to hear the whole truth – uncensored – and walk in freedom.

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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