Do you Work for Money?

✨Do you work for money? Is your primary motivation for the work you do to meet your expenses – fees, housing, transport, food, entertainment, investments? As your needs increase, do you find yourself increasingly dissatisfied with your job and secretly applying for greener pastures? Do you envy those with successful businesses more than you’d care to admit and secretly desire you could swap vocations? If so, you work for money.

✨Here’s the acid test, if you were given money from a miraculous source twice your annual salary every year without fail, would you still go to work? Put it from another angle, would you still do what you do for no pay? If not, you work for money.

✨But is there anything wrong with working for money? Absolutely. First, you were designed to pursue a higher course whose pursuit should meet all your financial needs. That’s why, ironically, those with real money don’t pursue money; those without, dying pursuing money. Secondly, money will never be enough. How much money is enough? Just a little bit more.

✨Thirdly, once your motivation is money, you’ll worship money. Once the love of money gets into your head, you’ll use people to get the money. You were created to love people and use money. Not to love money and use people. Once your love for money exceeds your love for people, you’ll heartlessly loot from the public coffers at the expense of millions anguishing in poverty.

✨The love of money makes people kill on a business deal gone sour. The love of money makes thugs and robbers kill the innocent for a few hundreds. Siblings have slaughtered each other on account of money (inheritance). No wonder scripture teaches, the love of money is the root of all evil – 1 Tim 6:10.

✨Tradition has it that you have to look (hard) for money. Suppose there was a better way of relating with money? Suppose there was an alternative monetary worldview? I dare you today, money is looking for you. Could you be running away from your money?

✨Economists taught you that for you to get a shilling, someone else has to lose the shilling? Suppose there was an alternative economic approach? Suppose I introduce you to a monetary paradigm shift where both of you gain the shilling?

✨You were taught that money is good security. You were cautioned to have a security fund. Suppose I introduce you to a radical perspective…never put your security on anything that can be taken away from you. Your job can be taken away from you. Your position can be taken away from you. Your partner can be taken away from you. Your house, car, land, precious jewels…can all be taken away from you.

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