Are you in Good Shape?

The mirror image of most people is not that of their true self. It is the image of their damaged self. For many, the mirror image serves as a reminder of the changes they need to make and the places in their subconscious mind that need to be healed.

Your current body image reflects the words and thoughts that you consistently think and speak about. If you consistently call yourself fat and keep speaking negatively about your weight and shape, you’ll eventually suffer low self-esteem, remain obese and ugly. Confession breeds possession.

In a 2013 study, researchers at a hospital in the Netherlands watched women with anorexia walk through doorways in a lab. They noticed these frail women turn sideways, as though they were squeezing through the entry even though they had plenty of room. It is as if these women’s internal representation of themselves had them convinced that their body was much bigger than it actually was.

Your own self rejection repels people from you. Begin to compliment yourself with glowing accolades and radiant admiration. Do what you need to = diet + exercise. Then affirm yourself several times a day till it becomes your new norm.

Begin to speak ‘I AM.’ I am happy. I am healthy. I am loved. I am beautiful. I am in good shape. ‘I WILL BE’ affirms an elusive future state.

Speak as if you have what you desire “NOW” even if you do not believe it to be true initially. If you repeat your affirmations long enough your subconscious mind will accept it to be true. And a way will be made to bring all that you desire to you! You’ll have the energy to work towards actualizing your confessions.

Be firm, be certain, be definite – have no doubts. Vocalize your dreams. Don’t vocalize sickness as a fact. Don’t vocalize lack as a fact. Voice the solution as a fact. For indeed that solution does exist somewhere in the universe. Speak it in the affirmative present tense, for in higher worlds, time doesn’t exist.

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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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