Are you Ever Broke?

✨Is someone avoiding you because your last call was borrowing them money? Are you embarrassed that you couldn’t contribute in that fund-raising? While you play strong, do you feel embarrassed walking to a forum where everyone else is driving? While you’ve gone to school, are you disturbed that you cannot afford to take your children to the sort of schools your peers are taking their children?

✨Do you feel pain that you can’t buy candies to your children after Sunday service at The Hub? Who do you think should buy them? Do you secretly feel jealous when you see your age mates flash expensive lifestyles on social-media? Are you hiding from the rest because you’re far below all your peers financially? For how long shall you be in a sorry state? I’m not advocating you compete with others, I’m calling you to reflect and trace your missteps. Something needs to be fixed. Stop running away from yourself.

✨Have you felt rejected by your own brother/sister? Simply because you couldn’t contribute like they did in a family in-house fundraiser? Perhaps when you were putting up a house for your own parents…you’re the only one who had nothing significant to give? Your younger sibling is doing far better than you and has gained a lot of societal respect. They don’t even encourage you to visit them. For how long shall you hurt yourself emotionally on account of being broke?

✨Are you still avoiding some hotels 10 years after leaving college? Are you still purchasing 2nd hand clothes 15 years after your graduation? Do you still have January blues unable to make ends meet 20 years since you left college? Then your knowledge on money is very wanting. You may hate this article or vile the writer but that doesn’t change your ground facts. If these words are seriously disturbing you, look at it as an opportunity for a reality check. Maybe these words are unearthing what you’ve been hiding far too long.

✨Is your boss underpaying you? They give you a meagre percent of the value you profit the organization? I dare you that nobody underpays you. They give you what they think you deserve. They pay you what they deem your value. If you’re still complaining of being underpaid, you are totally lost! Your view about money and wealth is upside-down. You need to be rescued from yourself.

✨If you are blaming your background, employer or your X for your financial status, you’re very lost. You need to recollect yourself and correct yourself. You need a genuine compass to see your true north. If you feel like you’ve been looked down upon because of your low financial status, the hour has come you rise above complaining and refuse to dwell in that pity state. If God delights in us having abundant life, then lack of it is an indication of ignorance on our part.

✨You were created to live abundantly, not sufficiently. You’ve worked for money far too long. Your approach to money hasn’t delivered the results you earnestly desire. If you continue doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll continue getting the same results you’ve been getting. Swallow your unnecessary pride and be humble enough to learn what you can do to rise above your financial struggles. Seek knowledge that can truly set you free.

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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club

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