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A Nanny for Life

A nanny will take care of a newborn and two decades later be employed by the same baby she nursed. They were living in the same house but in different worlds. The nanny’s world is too limited. Nothing wrong starting off as a nanny if circumstances so require but there’s something fundamentally wrong being a nanny for life.

A security guard will open the gate for a newborn and later on be employed by the same child. There’s someone who remains at the same job position for 20 years and wonders why younger graduates get promoted. There’s someone whose relationship has gone round in circles for decades.

There are many who struggle financially for 30 years plus despite being in professional positions. Folks who do nothing except complaining about their plight. There are people whose job hang on the balance as they read this article because they have no unique offering to their employer.

Shift the balances. Raise your personal and professional standards. Rise beyond being fired. Rise beyond losing a job. Raise your standards so much that you cannot be ignored. Be the benchmark for excellence. Be the standard against which others are evaluated. Raise your standards.

A duckling follows the first person they see – they think it’s their mother. They think it’s all there is. There are geese that follow a farmer their whole lives. Woe to those that follow a low-standard farmer. Who do you benchmark with? If you stay with me close enough, I’ll teach you how to raise your standard…

Meanwhile, how do you change your worldview? Exposure. We travel to distance lands not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. Fight for exposure.

Expose your children as much as you can. If the only thing they have seen is a small-scale farmer growing kales and taking kales to the market on a donkey cart, they’ll dream of becoming either donkey cart operators or farming kales small-scale. Their worldview is limited to their exposure.

That’s why I took a team of Sense 101 Life Club to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand last week. I’ve tried the best I can to challenge the lifestyles of my club members in every dimension. Life is either a daring adventure or a hopeless lethargy. Exposure brings the hidden to the surface.

In August this year, I’ll be taking another team for a Mediterranean Cruise from Southampton, UK. Next year, I’ll be taking a team of 100 Sense 101 Life Club members to Israel and a high-sea cruise where I’ll take them through an intense self-discovery mission.

Next week Friday the 4th May from 6pm to 8pm and Saturday the 5th May from 3pm to 5pm at Lillian Towers, I’ll teach on the subject, Raise your Standard. Reserve your booking by paying 1K through Mpesa Till Number 983482 (Buy Goods & Services)

You can learn with me through my videos available in my YouTube Channel


For any inquiries on any of our Sense 101 Life Club programs, contact…

+254 719 640790 / +254 718 315551 / +254 722 533053 / +254 722 278176


Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club.

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